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Glenn January 21, 2018

Did What I asked for at a fair price. thanks

Margie February 11, 2016

IonPc's They are awesome. I was having so many problems with my computer I was ready to throw it thru a window. I started looking to see where I could take it, Best Buy was not an option. I just happened to find IonPc's. I saw all the businesses they service and I read their reviews. So I called and took my computer in. He called to let me know what was wrong and I had him fix it, when I got it back I was still having problems so I called again. They took the computer back and did a few more things to it. When I got it back it worked perfect. I would recommend them to anyone and I have. They are my computer guys from now on. Thank you so much for all the work you did on my computer.

john nicholson March 5, 2015

Jonathan was outstanding and fast. Very pleasant and a total life saver for my daughter whos laptop died in the middle of some important school work. Jonathan was able to remove the hard drive and recover her files and transfer them for her to retrieve. Also repaired the faulty charging port which caused the chaos in the first place. I would highly recommend this young man. Look forward to many years of using His services. Thanks Jonathan, You Da Man!

Kyomi M November 6, 2014

I highly recommend Johnathan he did a wonderful job with our laptop. he even did updates. great price and very friendly service. the best in town and all around

Gail Kuss November 6, 2014

I have found Jonathan to be extremely quick and able to fix Laptop issues in addition to providing me with information so that the problems would not reoccur. I recently purchased a new computer after asking for his recommendation and did exactly what he suggested and it is working perfectly. I will continue to rely on his expertise for assistance as needed. He was able to retrieve all my data so that I could continue to function once my old computer ceased to work.

Jarret Calmenson
Loyalty Kiosk LLC.
October 14, 2014

We have thousands of units deployed throughout the US and work with a lot of different field techs for onsite support. Johnathan at IONPC is by far one of the best we've ever worked with. I would highly recommend them. Jarret Calmenson, COO, Loyalty Kiosk LLC.

Dan September 15, 2011

My laptop needed a DC power jack repair. The jack was coming loose from the motherboard. I WAS ready to have it shipped to a company on the north side of Chicago for $130(including repair) or drive it up for same day service. I checked around Valparaiso, Chesterton, and Portage for a better situation than I was in. No one had the turn around time, availability, and price that John over at ION PC had. I dropped off my laptop around 3pm and they had finished the disassembly, cleaning, removal of the shoddy factory soldering, re-soldered the jack, re-cleaned the area, and re-assembled my laptop in just 4 hours. No one else would even give me less than a 24 hour quote time. After all of the good work they did at ION PC, they only charged me $20 bucks for the solid/timely work. Anyone shouldn't hesitate to give them a call and see what they could do for you. I would have paid more for the job, but didn't have to... Give them a call...

Laura Ott
Serendipity Province
December 3, 2010

I've used IonPCs for several years now and have been totally satisfied. Jon has never let me down in a computer emergency and has kept my business going with top products at a very affordable price. I had tried other Computer Repair services prior to finding Jon. The cost was high and not so great service. My business is run by on-line bookings and information to clients via the internet. I had a computer crash right in the middle of a very busy day once and Jon juggled his other appointments to come right out and fix it. Without Jon's superior help and fast service, I would have lost thousands of $$ that day!!! He's even come in the evening after we closed to fix some problems so the clients would not be disturbed. Now THAT is the kind of service and dedication we need to effectively run our business and all at a reasonable cost that we can afford. Thank you Jon!!!

Tony December 1, 2010

IonPCs helped me so much! I had taken my computer to Best Buy for missing keys to be replaced and they erased my complete hard drive due to the programs I had on it. I looked up IonPCs, called, and my computer was restored the next day. My personal pictures and music were all erased, but if I would have looked them up instead of going retail i would still have pictures of my 2 year-old and husband.

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